Sunday, 8 October 2017

Joseph Scott Exhibition

Despite Joe's twin challenges of autism and epilepsy, he has found an all-encompassing passion and is completely in tune with his painting. Taking his inspiration from Lowry, he is captivated by his main theme of seascapes, creating distinctive pieces that are recognisably his, often monochromatic, containing a simple honesty.

As both Curator and Artist, I think it is important to create and show work that is authentic, whether that be how a photographer spends the time waiting for his own ‘perfect shot’ or how an artist applies his paint to the canvas; completely at one with their personal subject or theme.
Previously, I have been happy to be able to include some of Joe’s work in art festivals. However, I am delighted that I can now curate this full exhibition and be able to share his work with more people.

Ann Charlesworth, MA - Curator/Resident Artist, The Kiln House Gallery at Marsh Mill (Oct 2017).

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Joe Scott Exhibition

Blackpool and Fylde second year Art degree student Joe Scott's exhibition will be in the gallery from this weekend until 5th November.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Neil Pilling Photography Exhibition

A lovely first exhibition for local amateur and self-taught photographer Neil Pilling.
It is said that 'Everyone is a photographer' nowadays - yes, we all have a camera in some form or other, but most of us just 'take photographs'. A photographer sees something different, challenges himself in the moment to 'create' something, to feel something personal. The result goes far beyond the print. As curator, I want to see glimpses of the person behind the camera - and that is what we have with Neil. As his confidence grows month by month, I think we will be privy to some more amazing shots...

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Marsh Mill Pop-up Exhibition poster for some of Thornton's volunteer groups

Call into the Mill tomorrow to speak to some of Thornton's Volunteer groups - catch up on their progress, see their displays and pick up a leaflet about their local activities. Also come and support The Windmill Players who will be taking over the Mill from 10.45am doing role play and having fun!
It was a great atmosphere around the Mill today - with the lovely 'Princesses' dressed up in the square (well done to Linda from La Shack who organised this lovely event) and then the huge wedding reception at Twelve Restaurant with their entertainment from the New York Brass Band for most of the afternoon - not forgetting the perfect weather!