Wednesday, 20 June 2012

words from the void - Stephen Wymark's play at BADept Friday 22 June, 8pm

Following on from his curated installation here at The Kiln House Gallery, where words and sentences were extracted from his play as it was being written and then exhibited in the gallery as Art, his completed play is now ready for its first performance.  Having already done a reading at FYCreatives in April, Stephen is constantly trying to explore the boundaries between Art and Theatre and their audiences, stating that just as Art can be anything that is creative and inspired, so can Theatre - it doesn't need to be complicated; it's as simple as telling someone a story in a space. If you want to continue to support Stephen's work he can be contacted at and check here for information on a performance evening event coming soon at Marsh Mill.

SketchCrawl event at Marsh Mill and The Shrine