Thursday, 28 August 2014

Linda Copeland Exhibition - Sunday 7th September until Sunday 5th October 2014

Linda Copeland trained as an installation artist at Leeds polytechnic in the 1980s. After completing an artist in residency at Treadwell Gallery and exhibiting internationally and at the ICA in London she went on to teach art for over 20 years including Palatine and Fleetwood High. Her community art projects can be seen at various schools around the county. They include play ground sculptures, ceramic instillations and more recently large canvas murals at Flakefleet primary school library and Charles Saur School in Fleetwood. Since September 2013 Linda has been the Senior Lecturer at Chester University for Art and Design Secondary School teacher training.
This exhibition presents a selection of explorations into the relationship of layers. These static pieces reflect an interest in surfaces created naturally and manmade.  “I suspend the work and stitch into the pieces as these form a gentle connection.  The images are draped onto the floor so they reconnect to earth replicating layers in nature from sky and sea connecting to land. Within the small scale images the text becomes irrelevant and merely represents mans impact upon the natural world.  The images explore surface with the reduced scale comes an increase in the intensity of the colour and textures. Within my work I believe I am also replicating layering which naturally occurs over time.”